CRZ Race Car Build Part 2:

So with our application for car no. 95 in, it was time to work out our plan of attack for our Cartek Roadsports Race Car. With very little time before the first race at Donnington on 28th March, we had to make sure that all angles were covered to ensure the complete compliance of our machine. Once the regulations for 2015 were released we mocked out our project plan and began with preparing the car for it's first major milestone, THE ROLLCAGE. We set to work by removing all unnecessary trim and items from the car which dramatically changed its appearance and shed approx. 80kgs. Not bad for starters.




Not satisfied that we'd shed enough weight yet we proceeded to continue removing all unnecessary items including: sound deadening material, A/C system, heater matrix and more. It's extremely important to me that we incorporate the true essence of Spoon Sports and adopt their famous 1/1000 philosophy, whereby every gram saved and every 1/1000s gained is essential and nothing should be allowed to exist without reason or purpose. 


Once this was completed there was only the IMA system to take care of before we could get her loaded up. We found the IMA system to be surprisingly straight forward to isolate and remove. However given the potential for things to go wrong, we strongly advise anyone who is not trained to seek assistance when looking to carry out any work on the IMA system.


Finally it was time to say "sayōnara, さようなら" to our baby and take her up to SW Motorsports to get the cage fitted and the interior sprayed and ready for our first test day, which was scheduled for 13th March. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my old man for his help. Without your valued help we could never have got the car up there and kept this project on track, so thank you.





Whilst the car was away we also had positive confirmation from our brake system sponsor, HEL Performance, that they would happily provide us with a complete system for the car. Whilst installing the system a bias valve was fitted to allow us more control over the behaviour of the car under braking. We are confident that this, coupled with our world renowned Spoon Sports monobloc callipers, DIXCEL racing brake fluid, DIXCEL pads and discs will make for an impressive setup and give the CR-Z the edge on the brakes. This allowed us to shed even more weight off of the car, by enabling us to remove all solid brake lines, the ABS unit and associated plumbing. The engine bay is beginning to look a little empty!