With more than 10 sets of Spoon Calipers always in stock we have got a suitable application for every Hondas needs. Over the next few days we will bring you examples of the different Spoon Caliper options for the more common Honda models.


Integra Type R DC2 (98<) - Integra Type R DB8 (98<) - Civic EK9 Type R - 5x114.3 hubs


 The Spoon Twinblock caliper (shown in the first image) - http://www.spoonsports.eu/45020-dcr-g00.html  was designed to be used with a 282mm disc, this means it can be installed on to the above cars with only a small modification required to the heat shield. The set-up pictured is the actual set up we run on our DC2 with DIXCEL FCR FS rotors and Z type Pads. The calipers fit under most 15 inch + Wheels but may require a spacer depending on wheel spoke design. Utilising OEM sized discs and OEM EK9 pad profile these calipers offer the user access to many different braking compounds to suit all budgets - we can supply either Spoons own braking compound / discs or an alternative from DIXCEL.


The Spoon Monoblock calipers - (shown in the second image) http://www.spoonsports.eu/45020-mbf-g01.html is designed for use with a 300mm brake disc. Due to this you will also need to replace the OEM discs and pads when installing to the models listed above. We can supply the correct size Spoon 300mm conversion disc (or we can offer DIXCEL alternatives) - http://www.spoonsports.eu/45251-5h11416.html and an S2000 profile brake pads that are required. A small amount of modification will again be required to the disc heat shield but otherwise with the correct parts installation is very simple. This set-up will normally require a 16 inch + wheel and again spoke design will govern if a spacer is required.


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