We are pleased to announce a good friend of Spoon Sports Europe, James Rudecki is well under way with his very special CR-Z build as he endeavours to embark on a journey from parts to race track.

Whist the CR-Z will be packed with Spoon goodies, including some one off parts there will be many new innovations and challenges to overcome along the way. We will bring you updates in the coming months.

Here is an introduction to the project from James:

Even from the beginning there was no competition in my mind, it was Honda all the way.

Starting out in my early teens, my focus was originally to Honda Bikes and working with my old man to restore some classics. I was always impressed by the brilliant engineering and focus put towards giving the rider/ driver the best experience possible. From even further back I was a fan of Spoon. Since GT2 days in fact, when I was always favouring their EK9 and S2K as I’m sure many of you did too.

 Then in 2010 came a turning point. The CR-Z. I was intrigued by this car and its futuristic looks as well as the IMA hybrid system. After a single test drive it was clear that this was the car for me and the beginning of the journey which leads us to this build. Although the CR-Z doesn’t have hundreds of horses, there is something about this car which makes it so brilliant to drive and after learning of Spoon Japan’s ventures with this, often misunderstood, car I was determined to create something for the UK. Something to change the image of this car and also promote the excellent workmanship and quality of Spoon Sports. After visiting type one recently it is clear to me that there is something missing in the UK tuning scene and I think that truly understanding Ichishima San’s philosophy goes a great deal towards filling that void, and I hope my CR-Z will demonstrate that here in the UK.

I first got the car back in Jan 2011 as a leased car. 

When the lease ended it was an easy decision to stay CR-Z. ZF2 please J.

Meeting the type one guys a couple of weeks ago really inspired me greatly with this build and I would like to say thanks for all the time they spent with me and the questions they answered. 

On returning to the UK the decision to enter the CARTEK Roadsports Endurance Series was made. Although this season will likely be more for setup and data collection I’m sure it will be hugely enjoyable and prove the CR-Z as a serious contender. My partner in crime will be my best friend Bobby who has already helped with the stripdown. We are awaiting the release of the series regulations next week, but the build will include significant work to the most aspects of the car, including the chassis, engine, drivetrain, suspension and brakes. We are really excited and will be working closely with Spoon Sports Europe on this build so stay tuned for more build and race updates.


James and Bobby.