Spoon Sport Twinblock Claiper Application Infomation 

Integra Type R DC2 (96<98 JDM) – Civic EK4 – Civic EG6 – Jazz / FIT GE8 – Jazz / FIT GK5 – 4x100 or 4x114 hubs. 


Installation of the Spoon Twinblock caliper (http://www.spoonsports.eu/45020-dcr-g00.html) has been very popular for the models listed above as not only do you get the performance benefits from the caliper, the installation also requires the use of the larger 282mm conversion disc. For this Spoon supply their 15” Conversion Disc (http://www.spoonsports.eu/45251-5h11416.html), with 8 stud holes to accommodate both 4x100 and 4x114 stud patterns. The caliper will also requires the use of the Civic EK9 Type R pad (http://www.spoonsports.eu/45022-ek9-000.html).




For installation on the Civic EG6, Civic EK4, Jazz GE8 and Jazz GK5 in addition to the conversion disc and brake pads the installation also requires the Spoon Inner Spacer (http://www.spoonsports.eu/45250-t03al.html). The spacer locates in-between the hub face and the disc to centralise the disc within the new Twinblock caliper. Due to the use of the Inner Spacer for this conversion you will also need to install Extended Hub Bolts (http://www.spoonsports.eu/90113-ek9-000.html).















As an alternative to the Spoon Conversion Disc and Spoon EK9 Brake pad we can offer excellent quality products from DIXCEL:


DIXCEL Conversion Discs - http://www.burnmotorsport.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=5061

DIXCEL Brake Pads - http://www.burnmotorsport.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=331120


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